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Onmyouji podfic!

happyhanabi has produced a podfic of my story Sin! Creepy Heian shenanigans for your listening pleasure. Find it here on her DW or on AO3.

Thank you, Hana!
Title: Children of Dust
Fandom: TVXQ
Pairing: Yunho/Changmin
Rating: PG13
Summary: The djinn should not fall in love with the children of dust, for their union can only end in grief.
Notes: AU and AH. Ginnayê (sing. ginnaya, meaning ‘protector’) is the Aramaic term for the tutelary daimons/deities of Palmyra. They had a close relationship with their human charges and to a certain extent could be considered similar to ‘guardian angels’. There is some debate as to which word is more ancient, ginnaya or the Arabic djinni (deriving from the root ‘to conceal; to cover with darkness’); both words seem to refer to the same sort of beings. | Nasr (‘Vulture’) is an idol from the time of Noah, as mentioned in the Koran (71:23).

Children of Dust

Curiosity was always his downfall.

While others of his kind contented themselves to live within a single drop of water, Changmin splashed about in travertine pools, or lay beneath the surface at the bottom of a village well and listened to the gossip of the women, or later, when he grew more daring, crept through the narrow copper pipes into the bathhouses and watched men and women at sport.

“Humans are forbidden to us,” one of the Elders told him. “As we were born of smokeless fire, so they are children of dust. Yet though we have the greater power, still they think themselves superior. They know words that bind us; they have iron with which to chain us. They would make us slaves to do their bidding, for once caught and released, we must obey them until they set us free a second time—and no human can bear to part from the splendour of a djinni.”

The Elder fixed him with an unblinking stare. “Do not be caught. Toy with them if you must—and you will, for you are still young—but do not allow them to catch you. Regret has a long memory.”

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Fic: Sunflowers [TVXQ RPS | AU] 1/2

Title: Sunflowers
Fandom: TVXQ
Pairing: Yunho/Changmin
Rating: NC17
Summary: Needing residency in Spain so he can marry Changmin, Yunho takes a job at East Coast/West Coast Hotels’ newest acquisition in Málaga. In between renovations, a flock of birds, a new puppy, Changmin’s Chanel job and the distraction of a wet vest, there’s just enough time for them to make it to the altar...
Notes: AU. Sequel to For Fashion’s Sake.


i. Before you go

Changmin knows his father means business when he receives an actual written invitation to a meeting at East Coast/West Coast’s most premier hotel in Seoul. Not the flagship hotel, the one he knew he was expected to manage when he returned home after his time in London, but the Hideaway.

The name is so literal he always wants to pull an ugh face when he sees it, but the boutique hotel is so exclusive there’s a ten-month waiting list to stay there. It’s his sisters’ brainchild—a discreet, ultra-luxurious home-better-than-home catering for the jet-set elite. Royalty, oligarchs, a certain breed of music and movie stars... Basically, it’s a hotel with bespoke service for anyone who wants to avoid media attention rather than court it.

According to his father, the Hideaway has enjoyed greater success than he’d anticipated. Changmin wasn’t surprised. His sisters were determined women. They were winners, just like him. And maybe now they’ve decided to add more of the winning Shim formula to their hotel by commissioning Changmin to design the bed linen or the curtains.

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Fic: Roman Holiday [TVXQ RPS | AU]

Title: Roman Holiday
Fandom: TVXQ
Pairing: Changmin/Yunho
Rating: NC17
Summary: Yunho takes Changmin to Rome for his birthday—and discovers that Italian really is the language of love.
Notes: Fashion designers AU. Falls somewhere between Perfect Fit and For Fashion’s Sake. A knowing wink and tip of the hat to A Fish Called Wanda.

Roman Holiday

i. Cave Canem

“Ah, Rome!”

Changmin stirs from the warmth of the heaped quilts and pushes aside a pillow. He squints at the drench of bright grey light pouring through the wide-open curtains, then sighs and sits up. Yunho is standing at the window, completely naked, greedily staring through the glass at the street below.

Except it’s not really a street. Their hotel, a former convent, is at the south end of Piazza Navona. It’s terribly romantic, with roses stuccoed onto the ceiling and plasterwork vine tendrils swagged beneath the cornice and terracotta floor tiles and antique dressers, but it’s also terribly noisy. The cobblestones on the street outside might look charming, but boy, do they amplify noise. As does the arrangement of buildings, which all seem to have been constructed with the express purpose of funnelling the sound of engines backfiring and the squeal of tyres, plus general traffic noise along with drunken shouting at four o’clock in the morning.

And when there’s a brief moment of calm, a miniscule scrap of silence, there’s a caged bird on the terrace below their window that starts singing.

Nature abhors a vacuum.

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Fic: Let Go [TVXQ RPS]

Title: Let Go
Fandom: TVXQ
Pairing: Yunho/Changmin
Rating: NC17
Summary: Changmin wants something. Yunho isn’t sure he can give it.
Notes: For haeym's watersports prompt on the kink meme.

Let Go

“Yunho,” Changmin says one evening. “Yunho, I want you to pee on me.”

Perhaps he should have picked a better moment. This kind of announcement is probably not best delivered in the middle of food preparation. Certainly not judging by Yunho’s reaction, which is a strangled squawk as the vegetable knife slips off the half-dome of an onion and slices through flesh.

“Shit. I mean—uh. Oh.” Yunho snatches his hand away from the knife and stares at the welling bead of blood.

“Run it under the tap,” Changmin says patiently, accustomed to his boyfriend’s clumsiness. “Here.” He takes Yunho’s wrist, guides him over to the sink, turns on the tap, then shoves Yunho’s injured finger beneath the stream of cold water.

They stand there for a moment, Changmin’s hand still around Yunho’s wrist, and then Yunho pulls free. “It’s fine now. Thanks.” He darts a sidelong glance, a flush on his cheeks as he looks-but-doesn’t-look at Changmin.

Sometimes Yunho can be so shy. Changmin likes that about him; likes that the fearless leader—ha!—can be so uncertain. He’s not prudish, not exactly. His mind fits certain paths and he excels in what he does along those paths, but sometimes Changmin thinks Yunho should... experiment a little more.

Especially if he, Changmin, gets to be the beneficiary.

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Title: Naufragis
Fandom: Paradise Ranch/Poseidon crossover
Pairing: Han Dongjoo/Kang Eunchul
Rating: R
Summary: All his life, Dongjoo has thought of himself as a failure. Until he meets Eunchul, who teaches him there's no worth in regrets.
Notes: For the prompt 'two worlds collide' in diagon's Twelve Months of HoMin challenge. naufragis is Latin; it literally means ‘shipwrecks’ and thence poetically ‘men who've suffered ruin’.


Dongjoo joins the army to forget.

It’s his duty, too; the duty of every reasonably healthy, reasonably sane man between the ages of eighteen and thirty-five. He feels neither sane nor healthy when he presents his papers. It’s duty that’ll get him through the next two years. He hopes that duty will subsume the losses he carries with him.

An NCO directs him to a hut on the other side of the parade ground. He queues with a few dozen other recruits and receives his fatigues in exchange for his street clothes. He goes into the changing rooms and takes off each garment, stripping away the layers of his old life. No more designer jeans. No more cashmere jumpers. No more luxurious cotton shirts. No more lie-ins and expensive meals, no more comfortable bedding, of being able to loaf around all day watching television. No more privacy.

No more Daji.

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Fic: Headlong [TVXQ RPS | AU]

Title: Headlong
Fandom: TVXQ
Pairing: Yunho/Changmin
Rating: R
Summary: Fast bikes. Fast boys. Someone’s going to get his heart broken.
Notes: AU. For diagon’s Twelve Months of HoMin challenge, based on the Vogue Korea photo shoot. No idea what Changmin’s bike was; possibly also a Ducati, but I’ve given him a Honda Firestorm here. Warning for implied dub con.



Six months. It’s taken six months of living the kind of life he’s never wanted to live, but now, finally, the moment has arrived. Tonight will change everything. Tomorrow he’ll be able to undo all the things he’s done. He’ll be able to wipe clean the recent past and return to the normalcy he’s been craving all this time.

The Firestorm sings beneath him, the throaty purr of its engine a reminder of what he’ll be giving up. He won’t miss it, except perhaps in some primal sense. Changmin is very good at imposing order over primal urges, even when they’re tinted with adrenalin and run red with risk.

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