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Kpop fic masterlist

Rescue Me (All Over Again) - crossover with Poseidon [Kang Eun Chul/Max | 7435 words | R]
Eun Chul went to Japan with the intention of bringing down his father’s Triad. Falling in love wasn’t part of his plan.

Come Fly With Me [Yunho/Changmin | AU | 7143 words | NC17]
Superstar singer Changmin has a problem. Enter celebrity guru Yunho, who just loves solving problems.

Strangers in Paradise [Yunho/Changmin | 6705 words | NC17]
Changmin asks Yunho to visit him on Jeju Island during the filming of Paradise Ranch. He just wants some acting advice. Really. It’s not an excuse. Honestly.

Ooh La La [Yunho/Changmin | 4018 words | NC17]
Some things are more important than a clean apartment.

Break Me Down [Changmin/Yunho | AU | 6149 words | NC17]
Ask and you shall receive. But only when you beg for it.

Wolfsbane [Changmin/Yunho | AU | 39,059 words | R]
What if one kiss could kill the man you love?

Yunho and Siwon have been best friends since childhood. When Siwon’s entire family is slaughtered on Christmas Eve, Yunho has no memory of what happened. Siwon claims a vampire did it—a vampire by the name of Shim Changmin. But Yunho doesn’t believe that vampires exist. Not until Changmin comes back into his life, hungry for a taste of Yunho’s blood.

But will one taste be enough? Changmin isn't known for his restraint, and Yunho has a secret of his own, one that could spell death for them both...

♥ For an amazing AU fic inspired by Wolfsbane, go read in the curve of your soul (here you are again) by Lliyk on AO3 or also on her livejournal

The Seaweed to your Sashimi [Changmin/Yunho | 2700 words | NC17]
“If you’re the squid, I’ll be your seaweed.”

The Pick-Up [Yunho/Changmin | AU | 9520 words | NC17]
This morning, supermodel Changmin’s biggest problem was running out of cigarettes. His day is about to get worse as a case of mistaken identity sends him into the line of fire—and into the arms of cop/spy/government agent/he’s-a-bit-vague-about-it-really Yunho, who would rather be saving the world than babysitting Changmin’s ass. Never mind that it’s a really cute ass. It’s not like Yunho has even noticed, right?

Executive Toy [Changmin/Yunho | AU | 16,762 words | NC17]
A good secretary will anticipate his boss’s every need.

Breaking the Frame [Yunho/Changmin, Changmin/Yunho | AU | 11,457 words | NC17]
Changmin is an otaku with a crush on the hero of his favourite yaoi manga, Cutie Honey Funny Bunny. He’s resigned to one-dimensional lovin’ until the day he finds Bunny very much in three dimensions and eager to relieve Changmin of his virginity.

Strop [Yunho/Changmin | 3547 words | NC17]
Changmin hates his hairy back. Yunho rather likes it.

Permanent Ink [Yunho/Changmin | 5095 words | NC17]
Changmin gets a tattoo.

Double Tap [Yunho/Changmin/Siwon | 5699 words | NC17]
Changmin has a fantasy. Yunho makes it come true.

Concubine [Changmin/Yunho | AU | 2498 words | NC17]
To quote the prompt: 'Changmin is someone insanely dirty rich [...] Yunho is his favorite harem-boy with cute little tits.'

Passive Aggressive [Yunho/Changmin | 1367 words | PG]
Changmin just keeps on pushing.

Running Man [Yunho/Changmin | 2237 words | R]
Changmin likes running. Particularly when he’s being chased.

Man Friday [Yunho/Changmin | AU | 26,563 words | PG13]
When rock star Changmin receives an invitation to play a series of concerts on a private island belonging to the mysterious billionaire Mr J, he doesn’t expect to be so captivated by Yunho, Mr J’s scruffy, smiley Man Friday.

Metamorphosis [Yunho/Changmin | AU | 6228 words | NC17]
Yunho knows the boy is trouble.

Headlong [Yunho/Changmin | AU | 9297 words | R]
Fast bikes. Fast boys. Someone’s going to get his heart broken.

Naufragis [Han Dongjoo/Kang Eunchul | Paradise Ranch/Poseidon crossover | 9537 words | R]
All his life, Dongjoo has thought of himself as a failure. Until he meets Eunchul, who teaches him there's no point in regrets.

Let Go [Yunho/Changmin | 3228 words | NC17]
Changmin wants something. Yunho isn’t sure he can give it.

Children of Dust [Yunho/Changmin | AU | 14,633 words | PG13]
The djinn should not fall in love with the children of dust, for their union can only end in grief.

East Wind Melts The Ice [Changmin/Yunho | AU | 11,556 words | R]
In a society built on hierarchy, Changmin knows his place—until the careful order of ownership is thrown into disarray by a mysterious stranger who breaks all the rules.

How Hard Can It Be [Yunho/Changmin | 4473 words | NC17]
Auto-fellatio seemed like a good idea at the time, but Yunho is more than pleased with the way things turn out.

Servant of the Sun [Yunho/Changmin | AU | 2902 words | PG13]
Fourteenth Prince Changmin is sent to serve as an attendant at the shrine of the Sun. He must remain pure and chaste for a full year. He didn’t expect to fall in love.

The Minor Fall and the Major Lift [Yunho/Changmin | 3960 words | NC17]
Yunho wants to impress Changmin by playing Chopin. One problem—he can’t play Chopin.

Incandescent [Yunho/Changmin | 3275 words | R]
As Changmin was only too happy to tell the world on Moonlight Prince, he likes candle wax.
[includes artwork by haeym!]

Hunger [Yunho/Changmin | AU | 25,139 words | NC17]
Sent to minister to a remote parish, Changmin finds a community threatened by drought and marauding attacks by a savage wolf. The blacksmith, Yunho, has sworn to destroy the wolf, but this is no ordinary creature. When the harvest fails, the villagers lose faith in the power of the Church and cast about for a scapegoat. Meanwhile, the wolf has already claimed its second human victim. It’s only a matter of time before it comes for a third...

Sequels and Series
Take the Wheel
0-60 in 3.5 [Yunho/Changmin | AU | 8806 words | NC17]
Changmin's car breaks down. Yunho fixes it. For a price.

Driving With The Brakes On [Yunho/Changmin, Changmin/Yunho | AU | 58,257 words | NC17]
The mechanic and the academic. Long-distance relationship. Sceptical friends. This really shouldn’t work, but Yunho is determined that it will. Now he just has to convince Changmin that they can have forever.

It’s Fashion, Darling!
Perfect Fit [Yunho/Changmin | AU | 32,400 words | NC17]
Changmin studied fashion at St Martin’s and interned at Chanel. Yunho is a Gwangju market trader who makes illegal knock-offs. They’re two of the contestants on top reality TV show Stitched Up. Tempers fray, things come apart at the seams, but somehow they Make It Work.

Dress You Up (In My Love) [Yunho/Changmin | 12,605 words | NC17]
Yunho’s on a deadline and has lost all his design inspiration. Changmin has an idea that proves mutually beneficial.

Roman Holiday [Changmin/Yunho | 8545 words | AU | NC17]
Yunho takes Changmin to Rome for his birthday—and discovers that Italian really is the language of love.

For Fashion's Sake [Yunho/Changmin | AU | 11,433 words | R]
Designer Shim is back on TV for All Stars Stitched Up. Changmin sees the competition as the chance for a bit of peace and quiet away from Yunho, but nothing ever works out as planned.

Sunflowers [Yunho/Changmin | 16,709 words | AU | NC17]
Needing residency in Spain so he can marry Changmin, Yunho takes a job at East Coast/West Coast Hotels’ newest acquisition in Málaga. In between renovations, a flock of birds, a new puppy, Changmin’s Chanel job and the distraction of a wet vest, there’s just enough time for them to make it to the altar...

* * * * *

Super Junior
At The End of His Tether [Siwon/Zhou Mi | 3458 words | NC17]
To quote the request, “Zhou Mi is Siwon’s bitch and no one else’s”.

The Eyes Have It [Eunhyuk/Sungmin | 1358 words | PG]
Sungmin needs some help putting on his eyeliner. Eunhyuk assists.

To Catch a Fox [Siwon/Zhou Mi | 2465 words | NC17]
Siwon thinks Zhou Mi looks like a fox.

Open/Closed [Siwon/Zhou Mi | 6337 words | NC17]
Five times Zhou Mi forgot to lock the bathroom door.

Prayer [Siwon/Zhou Mi | 1272 | PG]
Zhou Mi discovers Siwon praying.

a piacere, con brio [Henry/Ryeowook | 11,618 words | NC17]
Henry likes Ryeowook. Ryeowook likes Henry. It should be easy, but something gets lost in translation.

Gentleman Caller [Zhou Mi/Sungmin | 6010 words | R]
Zhou Mi spends his evenings talking dirty, but really he just wants someone to listen.

Deconstruction [Yesung/Kyuhyun | AU | 5256 words | PG13]
Things change, but nothing is ever forgotten. Not when it really matters.

For One Night Only [Siwon/Zhou Mi | AU | 5450 words | NC17]
Fate brought them together; fate pulled them apart.

Thou Shalt Have No Other Gods Before Me [Zhou Mi/Siwon | 2603 words | R]
Boundaries keep you safe. They also keep you trapped.

Performance [Donghae/Sungmin | 1240 words | PG13]
Sungmin doesn’t belong to him. Sungmin will never belong to him, not while he’s with someone else. Donghae doesn’t think this is right.

Permission [Zhou Mi/Siwon | 5098 words | NC17]
Sometimes you just need permission to let go.

Protocol [Sungmin/Zhou Mi | AU | 10, 904 words | NC17]
Sungmin saves the Prince of Wu’s life during an assassination attempt. His reward—becoming a member of the Prince’s personal bodyguard. Zhou Mi is beautiful and proud and aware of his responsibilities, but soon both men are caught between duty and desire.

Honeytrap [Siwon/Zhou Mi | AU | 8502 words | NC17]
His job was to watch, not to get involved. Now it’s too late for them both.

Good Enough [Donghae/Sungmin | 1451 words | PG13]
“Choose one thing. I don’t care if you think you’re good at it or not. Choose it and let’s do it right now. I’ll show you you’re good enough. More than good enough.”

Quebec [Kyuhyun/Yesung | 4411 words | PG13]
They sell fantasy. What if it’s real? (Dollhouse fusion AU)

Sequels and Series
Counting Backwards
Two Divided by Zero [Eunhyuk/Sungmin | 3990 words | NC17]
Every third Thursday in the month, Hyukjae has a special date.

Three into One [Eunhyuk/Sungmin/Donghae | 11,034 words | NC17]
Curious about Eunhyuk’s secret girlfriend, Donghae invites himself along on date night.

Two Plus Two Equals Five [Sungmin/Siwon; Eunhyuk/Sungmin | 10,849 words | NC17]
Donghae lets the challenge hang between them for a moment, and when Sungmin doesn’t take it, he adds, “We’ve made a bet, Hyukjae and me. Two hundred thousand won. He thinks your girly act can fool anyone. I don’t think it can.”

The Square Root of Four [Eunhyuk/Sungmin | 4546 words | PG13]
The secret’s out, everything’s broken, but love is worth fighting for.

Tangents [Donghae/Siwon | 7509 words | R]
Donghae is curious. Siwon has no intention of satisfying that curiosity. At least, not yet.

Non Nobis, Domine
Downfall [Yesung/Kyuhyun | AU | 3178 words | R]
To sin in word is to sin in thought and deed.

Έωσφόρος [Yesung/Kyuhyun | AU | 2643 words | NC17]
Light swallowed by light, the Morning Star devoured by the Sun.


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